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April, 2017
Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull   Co-Sponsored by at the Museum of Jewish Heritage   The history of the adoption, regulation, and use of Jewish surnames in the Russian Empire is quite complex. There were a myriad number of ways by which Jewish surnames were created, assigned, or adopted, while tight restrictions were placed on changing or altering surnames. As a result of Russian laws and mandates, many non-related Jewish individuals acquired the same surname, while many related family members acquired different surnames. This situation has created many challenges for genealogists who try to trace the ancestry or locate descendants of a particular ...
May, 2017
Speaker: Dr. Libby Garland   In 1921 and 1924, Congress passed legislation intended to reduce the influx of immigrants to the U.S. These laws allocated only small quotas for southern and eastern Europe, and banned almost all immigration from Asia. Their purpose was to limit the number of foreigners considered inferior and a threat to the nation. Jews, heavily represented in early twentieth-century immigration to the United States, were among the prime targets of the laws. In this talk, Dr. Libby Garland discusses the responses of Jews both in the United States and abroad to these new restrictions on immigration, including the ...
June, 2017
  Meeting of Gesher Galicia members and friends from the New York area. Please join us for an overview of new genealogy-focused projects and online tools available through Gesher Galicia.  
Speaker: Andrew Zalewski   The talk Galician Portraits: The Story of Jews, Gentiles, and Emperors brings to life the Jewish community of Galicia. The speaker’s personal genealogical discoveries are intertwined within a larger historical context. Coming from outside of the Jewish community, the imperial edicts are both stifling and inspiring — the laws about Jewish marriages, surnames, secular schools, military service, and land ownership bring a dizzying pace of changes but also plenty of controversies. Coming from inside the Jewish community of Galicia, which is more diverse and vibrant than typically acknowledged, there is a wave of the Jewish Enlightenment — biting ...