01:1-6 Summer 1979-May 1980

Program Reports: Leo Baeck Institute Library and Archives; Jewish Family Clubs; YIVO Library and Landsmanshaftn Project; Ellis Island Experience; Shtetls of the Lithuanian Russian-Polish Border.

02:1-6 September 1980-June 1981

Program Reports: Organizing Genealogical Data; Publishing a Family Newsletter; Research in the LDS Library; Gathering Documentation and Photographs; Immigration & Naturalization Service Records; Mount Zion Cemetery. Feature: Name Index to Vital Records of Koden, Poland, 1828-54, and Stanislawow, Poland, 1826-36.

03:1-3 December 1981-May 1982

Program Reports: Writing a Memorial Book about Dubrowa; Objects as a Source of Family History; Organizing Your Family Reunion and Publishing Your Family Book; Genealogical Research Trip to Poland.

04:1-4 October 1982-May 1983

Program Reports: Family Reunion Therapy; Tracing Birth Roots as an Adoptee; Israeli Genealogical Sources; YIVO Archives; Researching in the Soviet Union; Jewish Genetic Diseases; Visit to Mount Zion Cemetery.

05:1-3 September 1983-April 1984

Program Reports: Research in Israel; The Tribe, film on Rivlin Family Reunion; Jewish History in Eastern Europe; Recording Life Histories; Hints for Genealogical Research.

06:1 Fall 1984

Program Reports: Polish Jewish Cemeteries; Holocaust Survivors and their Children; Research in Germany; Tracing Russian Ancestors; International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy, Jerusalem, May 1984.

06:2 Winter 1984-1985

Program Reports: Creating a Family History Slide Show; Canadian Jewish Genealogical Sources; Galveston Movement.

06:3 Spring 1985

Program Reports: Genealogical Research in Poland; Black Sheep on a Family Tree; Family Stories and Genealogy. Features: International Telephone Directories at N Y Public Library; Genealogical Detective; Computer Genealogist.

06:4 Summer 1985

Program Reports: Chevra Kadisha Records; Holocaust Research. Features: Computer Periodicals; Photographic Close-Up Lenses; Book Reviews.

07:1 Fall 1985

Proceedings of Seminar on Jewish Genealogy, New York, July 1985: Tombstones, Holocaust Research, Gazetteers and Maps of Eastern Europe, Polish Research, Computers, Landsmanshaftn, Problem Solving, Russian Consular Records. Feature: Book Reviews.

07:2 Winter 1985-1986

Program Reports: Jewish Painters of the Pale; Medical Records for Genealogists. Features: Family Relationship Chart; Computer Genealogist; Book Reviews.

07:3 Spring 1986

Program Reports: Family Location Services; Preservation and Organization of Material; NY Public Library Slavonic Division. Book Reviews: Guide to YIVO's Landsmanshaftn Archive and other titles. Feature: Research in a Local LDS Library Before Going to Salt Lake City.

07:4 Summer 1986

Program Reports: YIVO Videodisc Project; Genealogical Sources at Yad Vashem; Research at LDS Library in Salt Lake City. Features: Researching Russian Relatives via Telephone; Archives in Poland.

08:1 Fall 1986

Proceedings of Seminar on Jewish Genealogy, Salt Lake City, July 1986: LDS Library, Court Records, Unusual Sources, Research in Eastern Europe, Passenger Lists and Immigration, New York Research in the LDS Library, National Archives Sources, Family History - Writing, Researching, Publishing. Feature: Jewish Cemeteries in Poland.

08:2-3 Winter-Spring 1986-1987

Program Reports: Landsmanshaftn Culture; NY Public Library Map Division; Yiddish Language; Ship Passenger Arrival Records; Family Reunions. Feature: Records Relating to Arrivals in the U.S. via Canada.

08:4 Summer 1987

Program Reports: Videotaping Your Relatives; Searching Census Records; German Genealogical Sources; Shanghai Jewish Community. Book Review: A Uniquely Jewish List: The Refuseniks of Russia. Features: Argentine Connection; Gravestones as Genealogical Evidence.

09:1 Fall 1987

Program Report: Seminar on Jewish Genealogy, London, July 1987. Features: Glasnost and Genealogy; Genealogical Detective.

09:2 Winter 1987-1988

Program Reports: Travel in Poland; JGS Tenth Anniversary Brunch; Research in Germany; Computers in Genealogy. Feature: Put Your Ancestors in the Library of Congress.

09:3 Spring 1988

Program Reports: Queens Borough Public Library; Washington, DC Research; Rumanian Quest. Features: An American (Jewish Genealogist) in Paris; Digging Roots in a Dictionary.

09:4 Summer 1988

Program Reports: Computers in Genealogy; Lithuanian Jewry; Preparing for a Research Trip to Washington, DC. Features: The State of Jewish Genealogy; Genealogy in the USSR; Preserving Your Family History; Namesakes.