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February, 2018
  Speaker: Eric Silverman What could be more mundane that clothing? Yet old Jewish garments can illustrate the complex social worlds in which Jews have always lived. For most of Jewish history, clothing represented a tension between dressing Jewish and dressing like everybody else. Clothing, that is, communicated messages about the different ways one could be Jewish in particular eras. This was especially true in the late-19th and early 20th-centuries, precisely the era in which the ancestors of most American Jews migrated to the United States. This talk, lavishly illustrated with images, show how we can ‘read’ the clothing in old Jewish ...
March, 2018
Branching Out From Sepharad outlines the history of Jews in Spain, the 1492 Expulsion, the history of Jews in Syria, and follows them to the Americas. Biographies and genealogies of rabbinic families include the Kassins and Labatons, as neighbors in Valladolid, and Hedayas, as well as genealogies of their related families (Attia, Dabah, Mizrahi). The book is footnoted and can be used as a source for research. Join us for this joint-sponsored program, presented by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and co-sponsored with the Jewish Genealogical Society. The author Sarina Roffé will discuss her work, its significance, and will be available ...
Speaker: Fred Voss   From 1892 to 1954, more than 12.5 million immigrants were processed through Ellis Island. Coming from all corners of the world, these souls—whom nearly 40% of Americans can call "family"—left behind possessions and family to reinvent themselves in America. Most were processed through Ellis Island without incident. But some immigrants found themselves detained due to mental or physical illness, because their paperwork was not in order, or because those who were due to receive them did not show. What kind of stories could they tell? This talk will explore the personal, sometimes heartbreaking, stories of those who came ...
April, 2018
May, 2018
  Speaker: Logan Kleinwaks is a free website for searching 1 million+ pages of historical European directories (business, address, telephone), yizkor books, Galician secondary school reports, military documents, and more. Containing many millions of personal names – often with towns, street addresses, and occupations, and sometimes with vital dates or patronymics – most of the 2,000+ sources are not searchable elsewhere. This talk will focus on recently added sources and new search functionality. The use of directories in the Warsaw property restitution process will also be discussed briefly. Recipient of the IAJGS 2012 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Jewish ...