pdf 36:4 Summer 2015



Features: The Industrial Removal Office – A Source for Researching Immigrant Experiences; The Right to be Forgotten and Why It’s Important to Genealogists; Geography of Poland; Geography of the Pale of Jewish Settlement (excluding Poland); Questioning the Experts: Itzhak Epstein. Program Reports: Paper Love: Searching for the Girl My Grandfather Left Behind; Holly Golightly Was a Nice Jewish Girl: Our Ancestors Reinvented; Jews, Liquor, and Life in Eastern Europe.

pdf 36:3 Spring 2015


 Features: Clues for Finding South American Family; The Right To Be Forgotten;More on German Children’s Aid – Addendum; Questioning the Experts: Moriah Amit. Program Reports: Ancient Texts Lead to Genealogical Discoveries: Genealogical Resources at the Jewish Theological Seminary; Understanding Our Families, Understanding Ourselves.

pdf 36:2 Winter 2015


 Features: Jewish Refugees from Egypt Documented in JDC Archives List; Growing Up As a Jew in Cairo; My Memories of Egypt; 1899 Newspaper Article Reports on an After Yom Kippur Banquet for Jewish Soldiers in San Francisco;Questioning the Experts: Hadassah Lipsius. Program Reports: Ask The Experts; The Ethical Genealogist.

pdf 36:1 Fall 2014


 Features: Life and Livelihood: Petitions (Kvetlekh) to Rabbi Elijah Guttmacher; Location, Location, Location in New York City (Or Is It the City of New York?); Questioning the Experts: Joseph Van Nostrand and Bruce Abrams. Program Reports: Finding Granddad’s War;Passenger Manifests and the Immigrant Voyage; No One Remembers Alone: Memory, Migration, and the Making of an American Family.

pdf 35:4 Summer 2014


 Features: Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry; German-Jewish Children’s Aid; Judge Judy, From the Beth Din Judges to the Family Court Judge, A Five Hundred and Fifty Year Saga; Questioning the Experts: Gloria Berkenstat Freund. Program Reports: Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Citizenship Records: Beyond the Basics; Finding the Only Child’s Niece: Truth and Fiction in Genealogical Sources.

pdf 35:3 Spring 2014


 Features: Who was Jon Stedman, Patron of Jewish Genealogy?; JGS Receives Generous Gift from the David Himelberg Foundation; Steven Siegel Collection at AJHS; Solving Another Genealogical Puzzle; Questioning the Experts: Linda Levi. Program Reports: My Father’s Wars: Migration, Memory and the Violence of a Century; A Visit to the Bialystoker Synagogue.

pdf 35:2 Winter 2014


 Features: How I Became a Publisher of Genealogies; Three Tributes to Our Colleague, David Kleiman, z’l; Questioning the Experts: Barbara Wright. Program Reports: A Box of Photos Tells No Tales: Preserving Family History; The Myth and Reality of Jewish Life in Eastern Europe; Jewish Records Indexing – Poland: A New Era Has Begun.

pdf 35:1 Fall 2013


Features: How I Discovered the Remarkable Liebmann Family and My Own Family at the Same Time; In Memory of Wendy Levin Almeleh; Scenes from the 36th Anniversary Double Chai Event; Mazel Tov Wishes for Our 36th Anniversary From Friends Near and Far; World War I Prisoners of War in Siberia; Questioning the Experts: Eileen Flannelly. Program Reports: Art & Identity: American Jewish History and Identity through Portraiture; JGS 36th Anniversary Celebration - A Celebration of our past and a glimpse into the future / Beyond the Tree: Tools and Tips for Sharing Your Family History.

pdf 34:4 Summer 2013


Features: Reflections on JGS History by Past Presidents; A Sampling of Historical Memories. Program Reports: Day of Learning in Memory of Steve Siegel, z.l. (Destructive Creators: Jewish Immigrant ‘Bankers,’ the Business of Mass Migration and New Sources for Family History; The Genealogy of Brick and Stone: Tracing the History of New York Buildings); Against the Odds: American Jews & the Rescue of Europe’s Refugees, 1933-1941, Researching the Mayer Lehman Charity Fund.

pdf 34:3 Spring 2013


Features: A Bashert Genealogical Discovery; Buyer Beware; Yeshiva of Flatbush Students Research Their Sephardic Past; Genealogical Resources at the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center in Or Yehuda, Israel; Jews as Honorary or Hereditary Citizens in the Russian Empire; Questioning the Experts: Dorothy Dougherty. Program Reports: Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People; Creative Approaches to Jewish Genealogy; From DNA to Genetic Genealogy: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask.

pdf 34:2 Winter 2012 2013


Features: KGB Files Shed Light on a Dark Subject; Another Report from the 2012 IAJGS Conference; Update on the Social Security Death Index; Digibaeck, A Digitization Whose Time Has Come; Skuodas, Researching a Jewish Town; Questioning the Experts: Joy Kestenbaum. Program Reports: A Visit to Shearith Israel Synagogue; Food as a Door to Your Jewish Genealogy; Searching for Living Relatives on the Internet.

pdf 34:1 Fall 2012


Features: Solving Genealogical Problems: Two Case Histories; What Happened at the IAJGS 2012 Conference; The Genealogy Event; A Phantom Woman Reappears; Hungarian Refugee Records at the JDC; Questioning the Experts: Karen Franklin. Program Reports: The Next Generation -- Genealogical & Archival Databases: Retooling the Tools; Getting the Most Out of JewishGen.

pdf 33:4 Summer 2012


Features: Hunting for Grampa's Family; JGS Receives Generous Gift from Kern Charitable Fund; Dorot Mourns the Passing of Louise Stern; Questioning the Experts: Valery Bazarov. Program Reports: We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust; Special Tour and Program at the Museum at Eldridge Street; Jewish Chocolate Radar (Choco-Dar) Through the Generations; What, Where and How to Search for Displaced Persons.

pdf 33:3 Spring 2012


Features: Remembering Steven W. Siegel, z"l; Tributes to Steven W. Siegel, A Jewish Genealogy Pioneer; Let My People Sow, Part II; Questioning the Experts: Maira Liriano. Program Reports: Researching and Restitution in the Austrian State Archives; What They Saved - Pieces of a Jewish Past.

pdf 33:2 Winter 2011 2012


Features: Searching for the Names of Jewish Refugees at Angel Island; From the Angel Island Files of the National Archives; Hooked on Genealogy; A New System for Ordering & Paying for LDS Microfilms; Six Degrees of Separation; Questioning the Experts: Claus W. Hirsch. Program Reports: Odessa: Genius and Death in a City of Dreams; Genealogical Implications of Hasidic Ancestry.

pdf 33:1 Fall 2011


Features: Update on the Holocaust Torah Project; Questioning the Experts: Robert J. Friedman. Program Reports: Genealogy and Computers; Introducing the JTA Jewish News Archives.

pdf 32:4 Summer 2011


Features: The King & Niman Family Visitor Center Opens; The Historical Background of Italian Jewry; They Served Our Country; Questioning the Experts: Renee Steinig. Program Reports: Methods from the Mavens: Researching Galicia, Hungary and Lithuania; "The Tree of Life: - An Exploration of Italian Ancestry.

pdf 32:3 Spring 2011


Features: The New JDC Archives Database; Questioning the Experts: Estelle M. Guzik. Program Reports: DC2011 - A Capital Conference; Researching Israeli Genealogical Resources in Your Jammies.

pdf 32:2 Winter 2010 2011


Features: Let My People Sow; NYC Death Index Project; A DNA Story; Questioning the Experts: Paul Silverstone. Program Reports: HIAS Photo Archives: Images of Immigration; Jewish Geography and DNA: A Player's Guide.

pdf 32:1 Fall 2010


Features: The Jewish Community in Wartime Shanghai; Lithuanian Citizenship; Questioning the Experts: Linda Cantor. Program Reports: Memories of Ancestral Homes; One Foot in America: The Jewish Emigrants of the Red Star Line & Eugeen Van Mieghem.