pdf 14:3 Spring 1993


Program Reports: Slovakian Jewish Research; Genealogical Research in Canada. Features: New York Repository News; The Holocaust as a Genealogical Source; Jews Who Built City Hall.

pdf 14:2 Winter 1992-1993


Program Reports: Researching Polish Records; A Trip to Belarus; Hamburg Passenger Lists. Features: Ask the Experts; German Sources: 1938 Census, Gedenkbuch. Book Reviews: The Jewish People in America; Jewish Family Names and Their Origins.

pdf 14:1 Fall 1992


Program Reports: Tracing Brooklyn Ancestors; Ellis Island Immigration Museum Visit. Features: Ask the Experts; Research on a German Jewish Physician: part 2; Visit to Kamenets-Podolski; Jewish Jungle Roots–Surinam.

pdf 13:4 Summer 1992


Program Reports: Seminar on Jewish Genealogy, New York, July 1992. Features: What's New at New York Area Repositories; British 1891 Census; Jewish Royalty. Book Review: Vilna (reprint of 1943 ed.).

pdf 13:3 Spring 1992


Program Reports: Family Photograph Collections; Census Records; Ethical Issues in Genealogy; Unusual Genealogical Sources. Features: 1944-48 N Y Passenger Arrival Index; Jewish First Names in the Austrian Empire. Book Reviews: First American Jewish Families; Family Tales Family Wisdom; Norway's Response to the Holocaust and Finland and the Holocaust.

pdf 13:2 Winter 1991-1992


Program Reports: Poland: Roots to Routes; New Books on Jewish Genealogy; Interviewing Relatives. Features: Home Micromedia for the Genealogist; Polish Geography; 1936-37 Polish Telephone Directories. Book Reviews: The Jews of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic; From the Old Marketplace.

pdf 13:1 Fall 1991


Program Reports: Holocaust Research; Family History Fair. Features: Preview of Seminar on Jewish Genealogy, NYC, July 1992; N Y State Archives News; Trail Back to Germany; Communicating Effectively with Strangers to Successfully Elicit Genealogical Information. Book Reviews: Do People Grow on Family Trees?; Where Once We Walked; Lodz Ghetto; Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization; Computer Genealogy (1991 ed.); Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs.

pdf 12:4 Summer 1991


Program Reports: Seminar on Jewish Genealogy, Salt Lake City, July 1991; Research in Germany. Features: Trail Back to Germany; Preservation of Family History Research Materials; Research on a Pre-Holocaust German Jewish Physician. Book Review: Lithuanian Jewish Communities.

pdf 12:3 Spring 1991


Program Reports: Jewish Genetic Diseases; Visit to Leo Baeck Institute. Features: Ellis Island (Re)Visited; Polish Documents Thought Destroyed; Planning That First Reunion. Book Reviews: The Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy, Volume I; Jewish Genealogy: A Sourcebook of Family Histories and Genealogies, Volume II.

pdf 12:2 Winter 1990-1991


Program Reports: Genealogical Research in Law Libraries; Translating 19th-century Polish-language Vital Records. Features: Genealogical Travel and Research in Lithuania; Genealogy and Computers: A Very Thin Primer. Book Reviews: Jewish Cities, Towns and Villages in Lithuania until 1918; International Vital Records Handbook.

pdf 12:1 Fall 1990


Program Reports: Jewish Migration Through Germany to the U.S.; Architectural Genealogical Research. Features: Lithuanian Archival Holdings; Genealogical Trip to Bavaria and Wuerttemberg; Postcards: A Window into the Past. Book Reviews: Pioneer Jewish Texans; Deep in the Heart: The Lives and Legends of Texas Jews. Cumulative Index to Dorot, Volumes 1-11.

pdf 11:4 Summer 1990


Program Report: Seminar on Jewish Genealogy, Los Angeles, June 1990. Features: New York Vital Records Update; South African Research. Book Reviews: The Unbroken Chain (2nd ed.); The Library of Congress: A Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research.

pdf 11:3 Spring 1990


Program Reports: Naturalization Records; Researching Jewish Genealogy in France, Holland and Belgium; German Research; Passenger Lists. Features: German and Polish Research Sources; LDS Family History Library News.

pdf 11:2 Winter 1989-1990


Program Reports: Cemetery Visits and Other Death-Related Resources; Jewish Heritage Book Festival; Russian Archival Sources. Feature: Profiles of Debra Y. Braverman, Joseph L. Fibel and Martin Isserlis.

pdf 11:1 Fall 1989


Program Reports: Trip to the USSR; Visit to Family History Center. Features: City Directory Update at New York Public Library; Profiles of Sandra Cohen and Nancy J. Deutsch-Sinderbrand.

pdf 10:4 Summer 1989


Program Reports: Celebration of Publication of Genealogical Resources in the New York Metropolitan Area. Book Review: The Jewish Community of Frankfurt: A Genealogical Study 1349-1849. Feature: Profiles of Michael Brenner, Jeffrey K. Cymbler and Alex E. Friedlander.

pdf 10:3 Spring 1989


Program Reports: Changing Map of Europe, 1492-1952; Philadelphia Research; En Route to the Golden Land. Features: Concentration Camp Personnel Records at the National Archives; Profiles of Estelle M. Guzik and Steven W. Siegel; Family Health History.

pdf 10:2 Winter 1988-1989


Program Reports: Polish Research; Russian Business Directories; Surrogate's Court Records. Feature: Profiles of Gary Mokotoff, Eileen Lyons Polakoff and Karen Spiegel Franklin.

pdf 10:1 Fall 1988


Features: Jewish Cemeteries in the Palatinate; Yad Vashem; Profiles of Marsha Saron Dennis and Miriam Weiner.

pdf 09:4 Summer 1988


Program Reports: Computers in Genealogy; Lithuanian Jewry; Preparing for a Research Trip to Washington, DC. Features: The State of Jewish Genealogy; Genealogy in the USSR; Preserving Your Family History; Namesakes.