Kings County (Brooklyn NY) Naturalization Index

Note: This database is ONLY the index to the actual records. It includes the individual's name, the approximate year of filing, and volume and page on which the record will be found.

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The actual records are located at the Kings County Clerk's Office. To retrieve the records, you may either visit the office in person and pay only for copy machine charges.

You can also write to the Kings County Clerk's Office, 360 Adams St., Room 079, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Put “Attention: Naturalization Records” on the outside of the envelope. The clerk's office charges $10 for a search and $10 for the copy, but by providing the petition or declaration information found in this index, you will only pay $10 for the copy. Enclose a certified check or money order for $10 for each record requested. Make the check payable to the Kings County Clerk's Office.

If there is both a Petition volume/page and Declaration volume/page listed for your relative, only give the Petition volume and page when making your request. Be sure to note that you want all the documents included in the Petition “record” (Petition, Declaration and Certificate of Arrival). A duplicate copy of the Declaration is filed together with the Petition

The abbreviations used in the table are as follows:

You must give the clerk both the volume and page number in order to locate the document you are requesting.

"Year" refers to the date of the filing of the Declaration. In over 90% of the cases, its the actual year. Each volume covers approximately one month of filings and we have recorded the from/to dates. For purposes of this table, only the "from" (year) is shown. So, for the last Declaration volume in each year, there may be some included that were filed in January of the next year.

If the index is missing the year, below is a table that can give you a general idea for the year of Petition:

Petition Volume Approximate Year Note
33-143 1912-1917(more of 33 and 143 here)
143-2291918-1920 (more than 60% of 229 here)
229-3051921-1922(3/4 of 305 here)

For Information on this database and these records, please read the FAQs.

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